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3 Essential Baby Gear You Need When You Travel with Your Bub

Traveling with the bubs is always a task, no matter how many times you’ve done it. When it comes to infants, it is important that you have the essential gear for travel, and that you use them appropriately whenever you are out with them.

Car Seat

The first thing m you should think of, naturally, is a car seat. Without one, you wouldn’t be allowed to travel legally with kids and toddlers. Car seats, like any other baby product, are available in many ranges. The distinction isn’t just related to baby gender, but a couple of other essential factors, too.

The main things you would look at are quality, material, specifications and functions. All carseats are designed to have standard features; however, you also find a few exclusive types that have special features for extra safety, comfort, and versatility.

bugaboo cameleon 3
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The stroller is another thing you wouldn’t be able to survive without when you travel. Whether it’s a short trip you are making within country limits, or a long vacation abroad, you definitely need a suitable stroller if you want to enjoy peaceful outings. Again, there’s so many different types that are available at baby stores.

Some are ideal for travel, and are light and easily portable, while the ones meant for proper outdoor strolls in the cities and the parks, are a little bigger and stronger. They have stronger frames and larger wheels, like the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 for instance, which is just great for, basically, any outdoor setting where you’d like to take an evening stroll with your bub.


Carrycots are great when you have newborns. Most moms wouldn’t be putting their newborns in strollers as yet, at least not as often as they would with a toddler. A carrycot is incredibly convenient and doesn’t take up too much space in your car. There are some types that can be used as both a car seat and a carrycot for your newborn. Many opt for this type because, who would say no to a multipurpose gadget? You can look for a good quality one at popular baby stores. They also usually come in standard colours with touches of blue, pink, purple and red to choose from.


Many moms use carriers when they are out with their newborns, and totally love it. Baby carriers are designed like a pouch that you’d have buckled to your chest and carry your baby in it while you are out shopping at the malls or taking a walk outdoors. Moms love the carrier because it definitely is comforting to them both when the bub is close to you.

A lot of babies fall asleep in their carriers, too, while their moms enjoy a happy time doing their own thing. You just need to make sure you’ve firmly buckled it around you, and us your hands to support the weight anyway. A good quality carrier should be ideal for babies under one year or so. The ideal weight is always mentioned in the manual, and it’s important to flow every little instruction in it!

If you haven’t got the top essential gear and other products that are required for travel, try looking for them online, there’snothing you wouldn’t find there!