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5 Important Things to Avoid Before a Sunless Tan

While soaking up some vitamin D in the morning might be great, increasing the risk of skin cancer along the way really isn’t that good of an idea. This is why more and more people are switching to sunless tanning, a safe alternative but one that obviously costs. With that in mind, you’ll obviously want to make sure everything goes to plan and you get your money’s worth in the end. You can do that by avoiding these things in the few days and hours leading up to your tan:


If you signed yourself up for a spray tan, and you decide you want to make sure you get that bronze glow so you use self-tanner for double assurance, this is a big mistake. By combining the two, you risk the spray tan coming out splotchy and uneven. If you want, you can apply self-tanner a few days AFTER your spray tan to keep the look going for as long as possible.

Hot Showers

A hot shower sure is soothing but it is the last thing you need to do before a sunless tan. This is because it tends to open up all your pores and thus, the tan settles in pretty unevenly. The end result? You’ll have tiny brown spots all over your body. So it’s best that you avoid the water in the hours leading up to your tan.

Hair Removal

It comes recommended that you wax or shave at least 24 hours before your tan, and this is for a few reasons. One, when it comes to waxing, if by any chance there is leftover wax that wasn’t removed, it could create untanned lighter spots of skin. Then there’s always the fact that waxing draws up a lot of heat against the skin which ends up opening the pores, creating an effect quit similar to that of hot showers. Thirdly, shaving and waxing are both methods that tend to irritate the skin so getting a tan might aggravate your discomfort further. It’s recommended that once your shave (24 hours prior), you wipe your skin down using black exfoliating gloves to clean out your skin properly.


You should also avoid facials because once again this causes pores to open. After the tan, your face will look like it has a lot of blackheads so if you’re going to pamper yourself, make sure to do it more than a day before so your pores can tighten up and any irritation will fade away.

Acne Medication

Most acne medications consist of certain chemicals that react strongly with the tan. This will result in darker spots of skin in certain areas and also cause it to peel off in others. It’s recommended stopping this at least a few days before your tan and if that’s not possible, you’ll have to avoid your face during the tan to be on the safe side and get it for the rest of your body alone.

Avoid these things before you make that appointment and you’ll come out with that bronze glow you’re looking for!