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7 SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking

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We all know that higher Google ranking means better traffic and therefore more growth for your website. This is especially true if you have an online business that you are trying to grow by leaps and bounds. SEO is integral to this process and though many people do know this fact, they don’t know how to implement SEO. To help them, we have some easy tips that will improve Google ranking for your website:

Learn the Google Ranking Algorithm

This is easier said than done because Google updates its algorithm frequently and most of these changes are not known publicly. Most digital marketing experts face obstacle here but there are some things that you can try out like checking out the recent public updates regarding Google algorithm and go with a trial and error basis.

Check Your Current Position

To improve your ranking, you need to determine where you are going wrong and this can be done easily by running an extensive review of the problems faced by your website currently. Check your website’s current rank according to the major keyword you use, then check if your site is loading properly without any major domain issues and finally check if Google has penalized your website for any reason.

Measure the Right Things

Another important thing is to measure and review the metrics while reviewing your website. Some of them are the amount of relevant traffic your website is getting, the right keywords that are generating the maximum traffic, the ranking for commercial keywords etc. Tools like Google Analytics can help you out here or you can also hire optimization services for the same.

Avoid the Use Flash

Small businesses generally use Flash to run their websites because it is cheaper and also easier to launch than other alternatives. Our advice is to look for other paths and not use Flash entirely on your website. This is because Google ranks Flash lower than other websites because linking to a single page is difficult. There are many great alternatives that you can try like WordPress if you want a higher ranking index. Flash can be restricted for specific purposes like for running videos on your site etc. This simple tip will help increase your Google ranking and will definitely help you bring that much-needed traffic to your site.

Create A Mobile Friendly Site

In this tech-savvy world, more people are using their mobiles to reach out to a global audience via internet. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly site is important if you want more traffic generation. A recent survey found that almost forty percent of total organic traffic is coming from mobile devices. The numbers are expected to rise as Smartphones become better and more technologically advanced to use. Therefore, to give better user experience and improve your Google rank, make sure that your online business has a website that is also mobile friendly.

Make Use of SiteMaps

A sitemap is a page that is created specifically to create and list links to all the major pages that your website has. This helps search engines to find and show your pages more quickly. It also helps them match your website more closely with the relevant questions that users ask. Therefore, to make it easier for your customers to locate your site—use sitemaps.

Update Your Content Regularly

Your website content needs to be updated on a regular basis if you want a good ranking. This is because fresh content helps to keep your website relevant and one of the ways that Google decides its ranking is based on how up to date the content on your website is actually.

The above were some tips that will help improve your Google ranking significantly. We hope you do apply them and tell us the difference by commenting below!