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Current Social Media Trends

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An interesting evolution is taking place whilst you read this. Social media, whilst, growing rapidly, expanding, and becoming accessible by more and more users, is rapidly disappearing.

It sounds like a bit of a magic trick, doesn’t it? How could social media be expanding yet decreasing in size? Well, here’s how.

50 to 60 years ago, whilst media was incredibly limited in comparison to social media of today, it came in a variety of types that were not as converged or accessible via one primary device, as media is today. Whilst radios, newspapers, magazines, television and cinema were the only available media types, in comparison to today, that number has multiplied… and multiplied again, so today’s age is seeing and utilizing video, photos both online and in print, iTunes, mobile phones, tablets, internet, emails, podcasts, blogs, social platforms such as Facebook – just to name a few.


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Growing Social Media Trends

Modern day has seen the existence of an ever-growing number of social media trends; this number, however, is in a sense, dwindling, as platforms to access this growing number of media are shrinking.

What does this mean? It means that whilst social media trends are increasing, with new ideas growing and expanding, ways in which to access them are disappearing, or in other words – converging.

Instead of watching a movie at the cinema, a television show on your TV, an album via a CD player, and accessing the Internet through a computer, you can now do all of this through devices such as an iPhone or tablet like the iPad.

This is, in a sense, a trend itself. The ability to access and interact with social media trends such as blogs and social networking platforms like Facebook, via a singular device.

Traditional media is dying out as new age social media is taking over. Media that can’t be viewed on a laptop, mobile, tablet or PC is not an asset for a brand such as Apple or Sony whose hold on the way social media is accessed is strong, with devices such as Apple’s iPad designed to assist all of your social media needs.

In today’s social media age, media that can’t be accessed by devices such as a laptop, tablet or iPhone, will and already are, starting to die out.

Here are two useful ways to converge media for those savvy social media users and creators out there:

• Create content accessible by three screens – Tablet, phone and PC or Laptop, this way it can be accessed by users who may use only one of the following, or for users on the go who like to utilise their phone to access social media content.
• Create a central hub such as a blog or a website which you can use as an original content source, and then share the content on a variety of social networking platforms where you can better target your audience.

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