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Embedded Networks and Other Energy Management Solutions

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When running a business, whether large or small, the energy management of such a commercial building is no easy task. Furthermore, each department can have its own energy requirement so it is not always possible to calculate the consumption of energy accurately.

However, with rising energy bills and depletion of natural resources like coal, it becomes a necessity to keep the operating costs under control. Another thing that makes energy management frustrating, especially in the context of a business, is electricity fluctuations. That can prove to be a problem owing to the fact that it ruins the productivity of the business, and thereby ruin its bottom-line.

Among the options that are available in the market, the following three are among the best energy management solutions that businesses and other organizations can look into:

Embedded Networks

Embedded networks are small electricity grid with which power can be provided to the whole building. The network itself is powered directly by electricity generating companies. Electricity utilized in such places is purchased in bulk in accordance with the consumption needs of the business in question. In a way, it is an advanced version of a pay-per-use system.

Nonetheless, for many buildings, the embedded network is the best option in order to meet the energy needs without costing too much. The benefits of getting an embedded network extends to the actual owner of the building, the tenants and the managers as well provided the building happens to be among the ones listed above.

An embedded network allows the users of that building to utilize energy at a cheaper rate and also has a small payout for the owners of the building.

Private Metering

For buildings that have tenants, private metering is also the best way for someone to manage their energy consumption, particularly the energy consumption of each tenant. With the help of private metering, each tenant gets to pay-per-use and meets their own energy needs in accordance with their different needs as well.

Private metering also offers the same benefits as an embedded network and if they are paired with each other, they can be produced even greater savings. Another thing that makes private metering more desirable is the fact that it increases the amount of control that one has over the energy consumption. Compared with an embedded network, it allows for the manager to be stricter in limiting or allowing energy utilization.

Go Green

Finally, going green is a popular option as well but one that requires major overhaul since it means that the business will be off the grid. With green energy, you can look into options such as solar panels or wind turbines with which you can produce your own energy. With the help of a small powerhouse, which you can also install along with the grid, you can start production of your own energy.

During the starting phases, this can cost a lot more money but on a long-term basis, it is more cost-effective. However, solar panels need to be maintained on a yearly basis.

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