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Furniture: The Various Type of Tables

Refurnishing the house is not as simple as it may sound. It is exciting and fun to decorate the house with new furniture, yet; with the availability of various kinds of furniture in unique style and material, it may be a little terrifying to choose the best.

Each furniture type serves a unique purpose. Therefore, the first mistake in purchasing furniture is to assume to get fittings just because so and so has it! And, the other is to neglect that it serves a purpose and just use it as a decorative purpose.

Indeed, furniture and fittings do enhance your interior design and adorn your space; but that is not it. It also makes the time you spend in that room nice and more enjoyable!

Let us take one category of furniture and explore its choices. 


It is likely to get confused with the numerous styles available in this category. Well, it is easier to identify the dining table and define the purpose it serves; but, what about a side table or an accent table? Do not worry if you are coming across the modern names and styles of tables for the first time. We have broken down a guide of tables and their purpose for you. Keep reading below.

What Are the Different Kinds of Tables?

The accent tables

Let us start with the accent tables-this term is commonly used to classify a variety of table types.For instance, like the coffee table or the end tables, etc. However, these tables are generally small in size. Though, one should not limit their creativeness, for say, setting up an antique chair with an accent table will simply amplify the whole outlook of the furniture.

Another common type of accent table is the console table. A decorative piece that can be set near the doorway to toss the keys. It can easily be interchanged with the sofa tables, which are also known as end tables. It is because they are long and thin; that can be an easy fit with the sofas or even the entryway.

console table
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The coffee tables

Usually, it is placed in the sitting area or in the living room, right in front of the couch. The purpose of it is to serve snacks, foods, and drinks to the individuals relaxing on the sofa. Some also keep table magazines.

A side tables

Straight from its name, these tables are quite small, and tall, – makes a perfect fit besides the couches. Used for the decorative purpose to place lamps or inhouse plants.

The C tables

The name of this table is derived from its unique design. The table is shaped in a C cut that can easily revolve around big furniture, such as the bed, chair, or even the sofa. A quick fix to keep your laptop while working from the couch. 

Drink tables

Pretty much obvious from the name, these tables are tiny and tall- just having enough room to hold the drinks! 

These are just a few of the many tables available. However, one must first understand how the furniture would benefit, and then make a purchase.