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Healthiest Food You Should Eat for Breakfast

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We’ve all heard the talk about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Well, that’s if you eat it right. An unhealthy breakfast is a meal wasted on the body. Instead, focus on including a few of these foods into creating a well-balanced breakfast and it will leave you more likely to reduce on your mid-day snacking and supply you with enough energy to face the day.


Eggs are versatile products. From hardboiled to scrambled, their benefits remain the same however. Include an egg or two in your meal and you’ll find yourself rather sated and likely to take in fewer calories at your next meal. Eggs, while high in cholesterol, don’t increase cholesterol level in people themselves and also, being a healthy source of antioxidants, helps fight against certain eye disease!

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Perhaps you’ve seen pretty yoghurt bowls popping up on your timeline or on Pinterest, delicately decorated with fruit and you want to give it a shot. From coconut yoghurt to berry flavoured ones, they can certainly be quite delicious but it goes beyond the aesthetics and the flavour. Yoghurt is a great way to introduce more protein, calcium and vitamins into your body. It’s highly beneficial when it comes to strengthening your bones and teeth and can also aid in digestion problems. If you’re interested in a weight-loss diet, low-fat yoghurt would be a great way to get some protein into your diet.


This list will include this beverage simply for the sake of the rumours surrounding it. Coffee is a quintessential breakfast beverage some people simply cannot start their day without. Yet you do find certain rumours stating coffee to be bad for your health when in fact research dictates that caffeine helps you lift your mood, stay alert and improves your mental functioning. It is also rich in antioxidants that help with inflammation and protect your cells, especially those lining blood vessels.


There is no doubt oatmeal is one of the healthier options on this list and a favourite amongst cereal lovers. Oatmeal is rich in fibre and antioxidants;therefore, it works to lower cholesterol and blood pressure while promoting a healthy heart. At times the oats tend to be mixed with various other grains so people with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten will have to avoid these and only buy those labelled and certified as ‘gluten-free’.


Berries tend to be lower in sugar and calories than most other fruits, making them an ideal choice for a healthier breakfast (you can pair them with a classic yoghurt or cereal or just have yourself a fruit platter). Also note, buying processed berry juices, packed with sugar from the grocery market to consume doesn’t count as the same thing. Fresh berries pack an antioxidant punch and also contain a good source of fiber, thus they help towards containing the inflammation and keeping the body healthy.

You might as well start your day the right way and pick your ingredients wisely. Incorporate these items and you’ll find yourself off to a good, healthy start!