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How Embedded Networks can Save a Business Money

For a great many businesses, one of the biggest and often most uncontrollable costs of all are attributed to utilities. Electricity, in particular, can prove to be problematic in multi-tenanted buildings, where to source electricity directly from utility companies in a conventional way can prove both inconvenient and expensive. And as every landlord or building owner knows, one of the keys to successful dealings with tenants and ensuring those currently renting properties of any kind stick around for the long-haul is to keep things as affordable and consistent as possible. It’s often out of the hands of the building owner to make the living habits and thus the bills of their tenants cheaper, but when it comes to the supply of electricity it is indeed possible to help out a little, while at the same time doing yourself a favour.

The key to instigating savings and making the whole utility supply system much easier could lie in the embedded network. While the implementation of such a network is technically rather complex from the business or provider side of the equation, the principle is one of pure simplicity and common sense. Rather than a large building wherein dozens of tenant properties all exist as separate entities as far as electricity provision and use go, the embedded network model sees each and every internal tenant combined to create a single entity. The process is carried out by a third-party provider that essentially acts as something of a business partner and not a direct supplier of utilities. There is little to no effort or upheaval required on the part of the building or business owner, as it comes down to the embedded network specialist to put the plan into action.

In terms of benefits, the biggest of all comes in the way in which the energy is from then on sourced. When a building and all its internal entities are combined, the buildings energy needs transform from multiple small orders to a single large order. And like most purchases in life, buying in bulk rather than in smaller bits and pieces means getting a significant discount compared to what would normally have been paid. The saving is passed directly into the hands of the building owner in the form or a smaller overall energy bill, which can then be passed-on as desired to the tenants and tenant properties within. Lower bills mean happier and more committed tenants that are likely to stick around as long as possible.

Aside from the monetary savings, it’s also important to consider simplicity. When all electricity is aggregated via a single third-party service and supplied in one big ‘chunk’ from a single provider, it makes it so much easier to deal with. From changes in demands to addressing problems and right through to furthering efforts to keep costs to a minimum, it makes a huge difference to keep everything all in one place. And as mentioned above, the process is handled by the third-party partner taken on for the venture, so there’s really nothing to lose from making the change and so much to gain for all involved.