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Review of The Microtech UTX-70

Only a few people need a switchblade these days, thanks to flippers, bearing pivots, and excellent designs. Even as strict limits are being removed across the country, we have reached a point where, given a choice of possible avenues, the vehicle is not definitely the best. To be honest, the legal constraints have been in effect for so long that creativity has surpassed them, and the need for an auto has faded.

However, no one needs a vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 240 miles per hour. Except for those who are legally permitted to own a switchblade, the Microtech Utx 70 is a luxury. However, what a delightful extravagance it is. If you recognize the logic of getting a “get to work car” and a “fun car,” then you know why you should own an OTF knife. They’re not very realistic, but they’re a lot of fun. This little guy has a fidget factor that rivals that of a decent flipper. Nothing beats the satisfying thud of a well-made OFT shooting in your lap.


You will not imagine a pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum could feel so good in your palm, but it does.

There are a few explanations for this. To begin with, it is not formed EXACTLY like a pack of gum. The shaft, like the Sebenza, has a slight curve that offers a shocking amount of strength. Second, the handle’s finishing is very grippy. Finally, the clip happily fades into the background. I was worried that with a knife this thin, it would be a problem, but it’s not. The entire system is regulated by the hand. All of this should now be seen in context—this is a knife that isn’t even close to being hard-used. It has the ability to whittle (and has). It has the ability to open packages. It’s appropriate for light food preparation, but this is mostly a light-duty EDC knife.


The square shape can feel strange in the hand, particularly in this day and age where EVERY knife is ergonomically designed, but it fits perfectly in the pocket.

It’s easy to forget about a knife this small and tiny in your pocket before you need it. The Microtech Utx 70 was a fantastic pocket tenant even in thin dress pants. The clip is great, and it performed well thanks to a snug fitting but not shreddy texture underneath. Overall, I believe this is one of the best pocket knives I’ve ever owned. Microtech Knives are extremely light, so they will fit in your shirt pocket just fine. Simply amazing.


It’s Elmax on the other end of the line. Elmax is one of my favorite characters. Elmax’s whiners must be silenced. Even if there was any truth to the tale, they’ve fixed whatever the issue was by now, and the metal on the UTX-70 (as well as any other Elmax knife I’ve had) is perfectly good.

Blade Shape

You could get a two-edged dagger knife, but an OTF veteran cautioned me against it, pointing out how difficult they are to polish, particularly when there is blade action, as there is with this blade. The drop point isn’t as cool as Greaser’s, yet it ‘s still nice.


It’s tough to mess up a blade this thin and transform it into a poor slicer, but even with the lower difficulty ranking, this is still a well-ground knife. The key grind becomes even, with specular highlights and a sharp plunge line, and the grinding bevel is pleasant and wobble-free. Immaculate is not an exaggeration.

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