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Steps to Plan A Funeral Service

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Planning a funeral can be a stressful task. You will be grieving the loss of your loved one and at the same time, there will be a lot of responsibilities that you will have to take care of. Here are some of the steps to funeral planning to help you out during your stressful time and make things easier for you.

Make the First Calls

Remember that you don’t have to do all the planning by yourself. Get the help of your friends and relatives so that some of the weight of planning is lifted off your shoulders. After the death of your loved ones you will have to inform a few peoplesabout it. This includes the law enforcement if they die due to an unknown circumstance, a medical examiner or an attending physician, family members and a funeral director.

Get the Help of a Director

A funeral director will help you through the planning process from the moment of transferring the deceased to the funeral home to the rime of cremation/ burial. You can discuss with them how the deceased should be cared for, whether the final rites should include a burial or a cremation and how to hold the ceremony. You will also have to discuss the matters relating to the ceremony, whether it will be a traditional ceremony or will there bememorial service? Since you and your family will be going through a difficult time, a funeral director can help you with most of the funeral service planning.

Memorial Products

There are some of the essential memorial products that you need to have. Just like planning any family event, it is better to have a budget ready for this purpose. Some of the most essentials include a casket, burial vaults or an urn. This of course depend on the service you are planning to have so make sure to decide how you plan the service before you go shopping. If the body is to be buries you need to buy a casket, but if you plan on cremation, then you will need an urn to hold the ashes. You will also need to think of items such as grave markers and if a memorial is to be held, then memorial items as well.

Complete the Paperwork

After the funeral, there are some other matters you need to complete. This includes all the legal, administrative, and financial matters. Some of these activities are sending death notices to employers, other clubs and organizations the deceased was a member of, any services that are registered under the deceased’s name, accounting for all debts and assets of the deceased, changing the details in documents such as joint bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages etc. Another important fact to remember is deactivating all of their online accounts or changing their ownership to a family member or a friend.

These steps will help you with all the stressful planning and running around. Your funeral director will also help you to get through this hard time.