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The Everchanging Fashion Industry

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Fashion is something that does not seem to go away even after all these years. Whether it is the style, the material used, or the person who makes it, it is something that would continuously grow till the end of time. But how did fashion grow so quickly?

Well, ever since the industrial revolution, there was a constant demand for clothing items for various things of which lifestyle was one of them. Hence the reason why lifestyle fashion has become easily the number one catalyst for the industry’s growth. Here is a brief timeline of how fashion has changed over the years.

19th century

The 19th century is arguably when the start of minimalist fashion came into being, as many of the upper class, who would normally showcase their wealth through gaudy clothing that was often quite big for them. Women would often wear gowns that would have quite a puffy underskirt, while men would wear pants that was also quite puffy from the thighs.

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Image Source: Pexels

This was quite evident when looking into the royal families of Europe and the upper class of society. Interestingly, it was the middle class that changed their perspective since the middle class would wear clothes that were more functional, which were just fitting.

20th century

This century saw several wars breakout, which resulted in the rationing in the cotton and other material needed for clothing. As a result, many people who were from any part of the society would have minimalist clothing.

Female clothing was the most affected by this since women would also be a part of the workforce in factories. As a result, there was a need to make clothing as comfortable for them and rugged as well for them to work, while also being fashionable. This was where the usage of particular colours was stressed.

21st century

The turn of the 21st century showcased a more advanced version of minimalist design. Men and women would wear clothing that was specific to their climate. For example, both genders would wear shorts during the summer while intriguing jackets would be worn during the winter times.

This is in stark contrast to the previous centuries when it was not acceptable for women or men to wear shorts in public during the summer time. Moreover, things like accessories have also become quite a thing as many women and men would often have those things on them when in public, such as a handbag or man bag.


Fashion today has gone above and beyond to make sure that it does its part to save the planet as well. Today, the fashion industry promotes the recycling of old clothing to make sure that the wastage in the industry is at a minimum. This can be quite difficult; however, several sports brands and designer brands have achieved this by recycling even old plastic bottles to make material to create the item. Moreover, you can now purchase them online. For example, if you are in the Australasian continent, you could easily find mens hoodies online Australia. Whether it is a shirt or even an accessory, the industry has come quite far from the days of old.

Overall, the evolution of the fashion industry is something that should not be taken for granted.