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Tips for Helping Your Wife Adjust Better to Being A New Mom

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Being a new mom, no matter how well you prepare for it, is hard. But having a supportive partner can make this task much easier. Here’s how you can be a supportive husband at this trying period of your life…

Ensure She’s Taking Care of Her Body

Giving birth is no small feat. Even though the excitement of your baby’s birth and the sheer amount of attention the little one needs can make both of you forget about it, it’s vital that your wife takes care of herself well in the weeks following the birth. Regardless to whether it was a natural birth or not, she will be losing plenty of blood; not to mention that you’ll both be losing sleep regularly as well, due to the baby’s unpredictable sleep pattern. This makes it vital for you to make sure she takes care of her body.

Do Your Part with The House Chores Without Having to Be Told?

Like we mentioned above, having a baby is stressful and exhausting. The first few weeks after the baby is born, you are both going to be on your toes, trying to figure out how to meet your baby’s needs. The last thing your wife needs at this moment of time, is to worry about household chores. Make sure you’re doing your part of the chores, and then some, to ensure your wife has an easier time. Remember that though you’re both loosing sleeps, she’s inevitably more exhausted because she not only has to feed the baby, and care for it while you work by herself, she’s also losing blood during this period and probably in constant pain.

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Make Sure She’s Wearing Comfortable Clothes at All Time

Comfortable clothing plays a large part in making your wife’s life stress free during this period. Make sure she has plenty of clothing that are easy to feed in, and comfortable enough to nap in. If she’s someone who generally prefers shorts and jeans during this period, it’s a given that she may not be terribly thrilled with the idea of having to wear dresses after the birth; making her naturally uncomfortable. In this case, opt for maternity shorts and jeans; which are created especially for this period.  

Be Supportive When Things Are Frustrating to Her

Here’s the thing; newborns don’t know how to express themselves in any other way apart from crying. This means the baby will be constantly crying for a variety of reasons. This being so, the parent taking care of the baby for the most part can get frustrated when they can’t figure out why the baby is crying; or how to quieten the baby. At a moment like this, moral support could vital to keep them calm. Even if you possibly cannot do anything to help calm the baby, be around so your wife feels supported.

Remember That This Is A New Experience for You as Well

As much as it is important to take care of your wife, it’s just as important to take care of yourself. Make sure you’re eating and sleeping as best as you can. Reach out for help so that you and your wife could have some much-needed couple time. Give yourself a break if your baby only calms down when your wife holds it, or if you don’t get all the baby stuff right the first time. You’re new at this; give yourself time!