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Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners remove dirt, dust, and waste products from industrial processes using suction. And also, for the process of removal, reuse, or recycling. They are mostly used for building maintenance and cleaning for industrial purposes. Commercial vacuums have the same purpose as industrial vacuums but are less efficient and are used for light-duty cleaning.

These vacuums can be used to pick up anything fine powders, abrasives, explosive media, litter, metalworking chips, coolants, oil mist, and welding fumes as well. Every vacuum configuration is different. Small, portable vacuum cleaners can collect dirt in removable plastic containers or fabric filter bags. A disposable filter may also be linked with a bigger, removable plastic container. Now we will look into the different types of vacuum cleaners.

Central vacuums

Central vacuums are industrial vacuum cleaners that are frequently used as high-capacity vacuum cleaners. In some aspects, they differ from compact vacuums or portable vacuum cleaners. The major variance is that central vacuums and their parts are built into the structure of the buildings in which they are used. It usually involves a single, large machine that creates a powerful vacuum for collecting and temporarily storing dust and dirt.

Central vacuum systems

Central vacuum systems are industrial vacuum cleaners that are incorporated into a building’s structure to make maintenance easier. The main difference between this and other vacuums is that the others can be moved while central vacuum systems are entire systems of vacuum cleaning equipment.

These systems use a single piece of machinery to create a powerful vacuum for debris collection. These systems offer numerous advantages over backpack and walk-behind in the process of vacuum excavations. This makes the cleaning with vacuum cleaners more reliable.

Vacuum Cleaners
Image Source: Pexel

Commercial vacuum cleaners

These types of vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning non-industrial areas and are mostly found in office buildings, schools, and also retail shops where industrial vacuum cleaning is not essential. Commercial vacuum cleaners are smaller in size and lower in capacity.

But they have a higher capacity and usefulness than vacuum cleaners available to consumers. The specialty of them is that some are small enough to be handled and cordless. Medium-sized ones can be handheld or wheeled. Small wet-dry vacuums, non-industrial shop vacuums, and non-industrial carpet cleaners come in the category of commercial vacuum cleaners.

Continuous duty vacuums 

Vacuum cleaners with continuous duty run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They’re made to clean applications that run on a continuous basis, such as factory lines and public transportation lines, and certain manufacturing processes as well. The significance of continuous duty vacuums is that they are maintenance-free and won’t burn out the engine regularly. They collect a variety of items, including food, fiber, plant, and woody products, as well as industrial trash. They come in a variety of sizes, horsepower, and designs as well.

Above are a few of the kinds of vacuums used commercially and industrially. Depending on which businesses use them, each type is meant to clean one or more substances. So, select the most suitable type of vacuum cleaner which will suit your need.